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Research coordinator

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Recente Publicaties

  • Tijdens, K. G. , Besamusca, J. and Van Klaveren, M. (2014). WP 140 - Workers and labour market outcomes of informal jobs in formal employment.
  • Castiglioni, G. and Tijdens, K. G. (2014). WP 142 - Skills and occupational needs: labour market forecasting systems in Italy.
  • Besamusca, J. and Tijdens, K. G. (2014). WP 146 - National Labour Rights for Women.
  • Tijdens, K. G. , Maassen Van Den Brink, H. , Noom, M. and Groot, W. N. J. (2014). 2014-04: Arbeid en Zorg.
  • Deschacht, N. and Tijdens, K. G. (2014). WP 147 - Why Dutch women work part-time: A Oaxaca-decomposition of differences in European female part-time work rates.
  • Tijdens, K. G. (2014). WP 149 - Reviewing the measurement and comparison of occupations across Europe.
  • Belloni, M. , Brugiavini, A. , Meschi, E. and Tijdens, K. G. (2014). WP 151 - Measurement error in occupational coding: an analysis on SHARE data.
  • Besamusca, J. and Tijdens, K. G. (2014). WP 155 - Women’s Labour Rights in Collective Bargaining Agreements.
  • Besamusca, J. and Tijdens, K. G. (2012). International Labour Rights for Women and Girls: an inventory of national ratifications of ILO conventions regarding women's labour rights by Egypt, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mozambique, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, South Africa, Tanzania and Ugand.
  • Besamusca, J. , Tijdens, K. G. , Kahyarara, G. and Ngeh Tingum, E. (2012). Wages in Uganda. WageIndicator Survey 2012.
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