European Low-Wage Employment Research Network

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European Low-wage Employment Research network

Please note that network activities have expired and that this site is no longer maintained.

The concluding report can be found here

See for a subsequent development that has broadened to impacts of inequalities

The network and its related projects bring together some forty European researchers on low pay and low skills; minimum wages and employment; wage inequality and earnings mobility; intergenerational and intragenerational inequalities; gender, pay, part-time employment and skills; employment structure and quality; immigration and low pay; training and employment behaviour.
On this website you will find all information available about LoWER, it’s activities and membership, related projects and publications. The present activities continued to April 2008. With support of the EU for a new event in the same vein as the LOPSI project.

In honour of our deceased LoWER member the Department of Economics and the Political Economy Research Institute of the University of Massachusetts Amherst have decided in 2011 to establish the Andrew Glyn Professorship

OBITUARY ANDREW GLYN 1943-2007 by Wiemer Salverda

Obituaries by Bob Sutcliffe, Ed Miliband and David Soskice can be found in the Guardian and the Financial Times respectively. Another obituary was in Socialist Unity and a blog can be found at Crooked Timber.


See for detailed information the events page

LoWER Conference on

Joint LoWER – Russell Sage Foundation – AIAS Workshop
University of Amsterdam, 18 April 2008.


7-8 March 2008, Berlin School of Economics.

Joint LoWER – EQUALSOC Special Conference on *ECONOMIC INEQUALITY Seville, 23-29 September 2007 (on invitation)

LoWER Conference on Gender: WHAT WORKS FOR WOMEN ?
10 and 11 September in Volos, Greece

The website is organised as follows:

  • Aims gives a detailed description of LoWER’s aims and objectives and highlights recent work and publications.
  • Members lists all participants and observers of the LoWER network as well as other researchers involved in the related projects. It also links to their websites and publications.
  • Events lists the LoWER network’s seminars and conferences for both the future and the past.
  • Publications features LoWER’s output of books, working papers and reports and the network’s newsletters.
  • Projects gives an overview of work in different research projects (Benchmarking, DEMPATEM, Epicurus) that are related to the network, covering parts of the work plan.
  • DEMPATEM serves as the homepage of the major related project on demand patterns and employment growth.
  • Vacancies presents relevant research jobs openings in the LoWER context.
  • Links brings you to other interesting and relevant organisations not affiliated to LoWER as participants.
  • Conference papers and Work in Progress are participants or members only parts of the site.
  • AIAS home, finally, links to the homepage of the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies which hosts this LoWER website.
  • For more information please contact:
    Dr. Wiemer Salverda
    Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies
    Plantage Muidergracht 12
    1018 TV Amsterdam
    The Netherlands
    Tel: +31 20 525 4199 Fax: +31 20 525 4301

Recent Publications

Wiemer Salverda and Ken Mayhew, guest editors
Capitalism and Inequality
Issue dedicated to the memory of Andrew Glyn
Oxford Review of Economic Policy (25:1)

Wiemer Salverda, Brian Nolan and Tim Smeeding, editors
The Oxford Handbook of Economic Inequality
published by Oxford University Press February 2009.

Mary Gregory, Miriam Beblo, Ioannis Theodossiou and Wiemer Salverda, guest editors
Women and Paid Work
A special issue of Oxford Economic Papers April 2009.

Thomas Zwick, Antje Mertens and Wiemer Salverda, guest editors
Training and Job Insecurity
A special issue of LABOUR Review of labour economics and industrial relations February 2009.

Wiemer Salverda and Ken Mayhew, guest editors
Capitalism and Inequality
A special issue of Oxford Review of Economic Policy May 2009.

Mary Gregory, Wiemer Salverda and Ronald Schettkat, editors_
Service Included? Services and the European-American Employment Gap
Published by Princeton University Press, May 2007.
The book brings together contributions by William Baumol, Richard Freeman, Victor Fuchs and Robert Gordon with the output of the DEMPATEM project (contributions by Blow, Deelen, Gardes, Glyn, Kalwij, Luengo-Prado, Machin, Möller, Russo, Ruiz-Castillo, Schmitt, Sollogoub, Starzec and the three editors).
“For the table of contents click here:”link_text":/uploaded