Article: Job for a lifetime still alive

Published: 08-17-2016

In an article for the Dutch economists journal ESB, Paul de Beer shows that still two in five older male employees in the Netherlands holds a lifetime job….
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New publication: ‘Global Migration Patterns of health care workers: does migration pay off?’

Published: 07-14-2016

De Vries D, Tijdens KG, Steinmetz S (2016), in Human Resources for Health, DOI: 10.1186/s12960-016-0136-5 [EN]
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AIAS Lunch Seminar Series August – December 2016

Published: 07-04-2016

Hereby we would like to announce the new seminar series for the period August – December 2016.
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EXTRA AIAS Lunch Seminar, 21 juni: Brian Fabo (Central European University)& Jovana Karanovic (UvA Amsterdam)

Published: 06-17-2016

Sharing Economy’s Two Sides of the Coin: A “One Night Stand” for Workers and Sustainability Potential for the Society
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