Presentation Frank Tros (AIAS) at Stockholm University

Published: 03-09-2015

Frank Tros will present at Workshop Youth unemployment, inclusion and labour law at ReMarkLab – Regulating Markets and Labour – Friday 13 March 2015
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Kea Tijdens (AIAS) quoted in The Washington Post

Published: 03-05-2015

“See how much (or how little) you’d earn if you did the same job in another country: For some Americans, it might be a good idea to move to Belgium.”.
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AIAS Lunch Seminar 26 March Adriaan Kalwij – Utrecht University

Published: 03-23-2015

What do wages add to the health-employment nexus? Evidence from older European workers
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AIAS Lunch Seminar Series January – July 2015

Published: 03-02-2015

Hereby we would like to announce the new seminar series for the period January – July 2015.
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