New publication: “Skill mismatch among migrant workers: evidence from a large multi-country dataset”

Published: 07-25-2015

By Visintin S, Tijdens KG, Van Klaveren M (2015). In IZA Journal of Migration, 4:14 (24 July 2015) (EN)
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Vacancy Postdoc Horizon 2020 research on labour migration and solidarity

Published: 07-21-2015

Fulltime, 2 years
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Save the date: AIAS Special Annual Conference, Wednesday 9 September 2015

Published: 07-14-2015

Overcoming Inequality: What to do, Why and How?. Sir Tony Atkinson will present his views on his newly book Inequality: What can be done?
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AIAS Lunch Seminar Series August – December 2015

Published: 07-02-2015

Hereby we would like to announce the new seminar series for the period August – December 2015.
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