The social security in the EU

Published: 01-26-2016

During the 41st European meeting (Lisbon, 23-24 April 2015) of the European Institute for the Social Protection IPSE Cremers (UvT) contributed with a lecture…
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New issue Collective Bargaining newsletter – December 2015

Published: 01-14-2016

The new issue of the Collective Bargaining newsletter can now be downloaded. (Up-to-date information on collective bargaining development across Europe).
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AIAS Lunch Seminar 11 February Els Sol – University of Amsterdam & AIAS

Published: 01-28-2016

Getting Welfare to Work (Oxford University Press), book from Mark Considine, Jenny M. Lewis, Siobhan O’Sullivan, and Els Sol (Ed.)
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AIAS Lunch Seminar Series January – June 2016

Published: 01-18-2016

Hereby we would like to announce the new seminar series for the period January – June 2016.
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